Domestic, Garden

Domestic, Garden

Domestic, Garden

Your Beautiful Garden Starts Here.
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With rising prices of water and energy, it pays to invest in the best systems and equipment – water and energy saving solutions that can also save you time and effort through automation while increasing water use efficiency.

The Water-Wise Way to a Beautiful Home Garden.
Productive fruit trees, veggie plots, glorious green “walls” covered with climbers, trees and shrubs, colour-filled flower beds and healthy lawns…. features such as waterfalls, creeks, fountains, ponds, lakes – A & R Water Solutions will help ensure your project success.

Add Value and Beauty to your Home.
A & R Water Solutions is up to date on the best brands, products and systems – and their capabilities in our local environment. We can turn your dream into reality. And we are also able to maintain your system after installation.

Certificate of Compliance.
On selected projects, it's also possible for A & R Water Solutions to provide Certificate of Compliance through the Plumbing Industry Commission proving your project work conforms to Australian Standards. We have qualifications in both Victoria and New South Wales.

DIY. Designing Your Own Project? 
A & R Water Solutions
is your partner in supplying and installing the right sprinkler and drip systems to work with your tank, grey water or tap supply – keeping your precious plants alive and thriving.

Using a Landscape Designer.
A & R Water Solutions
 also works closely with a number of local area professional landscape designers and suppliers in northern Victoria. Together we are a team creating maximum enjoyment of your garden and maximum use of the water at your disposal.

Pools and Spas.
Go on, you deserve it! Water restrictions permitting, your home pool and/or spa can be a refuge from both the heat and the workaday world. Our customers relay on A & R Water solutions for:

  • Correct installation of your pool and spa pumps
  • On-going maintenance to ensure efficient operation
  • Supply of testing equipment
  • Solar heating equipment
  • Water-saving equipment to use with pools and spas.
  • Domestic and commercial spas and pools (see also Commercial, Municipal & Tourism)

  • Australia's Leading Brands, Products & Technologies
  • Local Expertise
  • Support Services In-House & On-Site
  • Latest Solutions – Saving Water, Energy & Time
  • Domestic Irrigation Solutions
  • Installations & Maintenance
  • Product & Systems Supply
  • DIY Support
  • Sprinklers
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Hose, Nozzles & Fittings
  • Filtration
  • Pipe & Fittings
  • Pumping & Pressure Booster Systems
  • Pool & Spa Pumping Solutions
  • Water Supply
  • Water Storage - Poly Tanks, Metal Tanks
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