Helping you to save water - our most valuable and scarce resource on Earth

A & R Water Solutions is committed to protecting our economy and environment through:

  • Efficient systems to harvesting and store storm water
  • Good use of grey water
  • Saving water by eliminating wastage
  • Saving money by avoiding excess water bills
  • Using automatic systems to cut time and labour and to increase productivity
  • Promoting methods to control salinity

Rain water tanks

We will install and connect the tank you buy OR We will sell you a tank and install and connect it for you – we are dealers for Waterstore poly tanks, one of the leaders in the field. Waterstore offer colours and sizes to fit every situation.


We can install your pump and connect it to your outlets.

If you want to change the salt properties of bore water to cause less harm to stock and plants, try our Carefree Water Conditioner which attaches to the pump.

The Carefree is affordable, effective, and we are this area’s exclusive agents.

Temporary grey water

It’s smart to use grey water to keep your grass and garden greener. Talk to us about the no-fuss products available for capturing grey water and intercepting impurities before using it. (Remember there are some grey water systems that require a licensed plumber. Our business offers you that advantage in both Victoria and NSW.)

Shower heads

Check out our range of water-saving shower heads and tapware – easy to fit for the DIY person, or we can install for you.

A useful website is the Environment Protection Authority at:

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