A & R Water Solutions: the fast way to the best solution for Local Government

A & R Water Solutions has the professional capacity and experience to solve the irrigation and water saving problems of shire and city councils, from the smallest reserve to the largest new development.

  • Municipal parks and gardens
  • Town hall surrounds
  • Playgrounds
  • Streetscapes
  • Water-based holiday attractions (eg. lakes, boating facilities)
  • Irrigation for the surrounds of operations such as tourist attractions, child care centres, libraries, community centres, pools, rural transaction centre

    We will:

    • Investigate and report on a range of options for you, covering efficiency, size, cost and water saving capacity
    • Supply, install and maintain the systems for you, providing ongoing continuity of care as required.  
    • Alternatively, we can maintain and strengthen your older watering systems instead of replacing them, if required.

You benefit from:

  • Our familiarity with the best-practice principles, the budgets and constraints under which Local Government must operate while still providing optimum service to ratepayers. 
  • Our ability to research and report on alternative water technologies as they develop, thus saving the valuable time of council officers.

Tell us the problem in your shire – we will find the right solution. A & R Water Solutions is a trusted name for quality, reliability, and responsiveness.


Beautification of the Northern Highway approach to Echuca.
A & R Water Solutions has supplied and installed a mainline raw water system taking water from the Waranga Channel system to irrigate new native tree plantings with drippers.  The project covers both sides of the Northern Highway from Fehring Lane to the highway roundabout. A & R Water Solutions will be involved over five years, continuing to lay feeder lines as new areas are progressively planted up with trees and underplantings.

“Adam and the company are very professional, with great attention to detail, and excellent backup service, with prompt returning of calls,” said Gerard Shead, Campaspe Shire’s Parks and Gardens Unit Leader. “They certainly met our criteria as an approved supplier. With existing utilities under the ground, there are a lot of players in this project and Adam, with his very good people ethic, represented the Shire well in dealing with these authorities.”

New pump system at the Aquatic Reserve in Echuca: 

This spot with its picnic tables, gums, creek and lake is very popular with the public and important for festivals.  The drought was affecting the existing pump’s efficiency in taking water from the Murray River under the council’s raw water licence with Goulburn Murray Water and feeding it into the creek and lake. A new pump (on pontoon, as shown in photo) was installed, to improve presentation and reduce the risk of blue-green algae.

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