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A & R Water Solutions gets the water to where you want it and fixes your system pronto should it break down.

Owner Adam Harris, a qualified plumber in both Victoria and NSW, and the team have the expertise to cater for small family properties through to the largest corporate agricultural ventures.

Come to us for an on-site assessment, design, sales, installation and the best in after-sales service.

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A beautiful outlook for growing grapes at Torrumbarry

A & R Water Solutions came on board soon after the Coogan family bought Coogan Estate, a vineyard at Torrumbarry on the Murray River. The company does the maintenance on the pumps and drip irrigation system for the 61 acres under vines. The family has now purchased another property in the region, will be expanding into another 15 acres of grapes and A & R Water Solutions will be installing and maintaining this system from scratch.

As well, the company has revitalised the homestead’s expansive garden with new sprinklers, pump and valve replacements to serve the waterlily-filled small lake and its lovely fountains. Regular maintenance will ensure the fountains operate without a hitch.

Vineyard manager Ashley Coogan said Adam Harris came out to the property within 24 hours of a phone call for assistance. “Even if it’s Sunday, if you need something from the shop Adam will be there,” said Ashley, “and if he needs to get it in, it usually takes only a week. Adam knows the right product for the job and we leave the choice to him, we trust him. He’s very professional and you feel your business is in good hands.”

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